Monday, September 14, 2009


breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs, sliced cucumber
lunch: grilled hamburger topped with guacamole(no bun) some cooked mixed vegetables and 4 strawberries
dinner: chicken breast, some roasted potato slices, and spinach salad with a low carb italian dressing.
snack: a couple of roasted hazlenuts ( i'm going to try making a nutella recipe i saw)

Since I started crossfit I've almost given up grains and dairy and have upped my intake of vegetables tremendously as well as eating protein at every meal. I cheat a little when I drink coffee because i am a coffee with my cream and sugar type of person, but I have lessened how much of those I put in and don't drink it everyday, maybe even only 2x a week. I also had an amazing rice, chicken and veggie bowl that had tons of soy sauce when I went out to dinner with Justin's family, but other than that I've been pretty good. I'm still a bit irregular but I haven't gotten as many headaches, my mind has felt clearer and I've felt like I have a lot more energy. I lost 4 pounds this week (mon-mon) and I'm down 11lbs from my scary heaviest weight that I reached sometime this summer.

Next Saturday, I'm going apple picking at this farm where they make homemade apple doughnuts, and I am totally having some because they are amazing and warm and gooey and it only comes once a year. I will try to limit it to two and be really strict with myself all week.

I really like these free trackers for weight-loss and waist-loss on


Jennifer said...

Atta girl! 4lbs in one week is a tremendous amount of weight! It's clear that you've been making some changes in the right direction.

If you've google searched "low carb diet" I'm sure you saw one of the side effects was irregularity. (yuck) Make sure you're drinking lots of water, and it will eventually get better. The increased fiber from the veggies is contributing to that's not like this forever, I promise. :-)

YES to treating yourself to a donut! We all have to stay sane girlfriend; EVERYONE has a cheat once in a while. Just make sure the cheat doesn't derail you for the whole weekend. Get right back on the train and keep going!

You're doing a great job at the Fort by the way. I can tell that you're giving it 100% of what you got whenever you're there....and that's what is most important. said...

thanks so much for the support! you are a great motivator! I really love crossfit so far and can't wait to start coming regularly.