Monday, September 21, 2009

crash and burn....

I spent the weekend feeling like crap and I'm finally starting to not feel like death, just got a drippy nose. I crashed and burned with my diet this weekend but I am back on the horse and somehow I magically lost weight anyway...down 3 more pounds.
breakfast: 3 doughnuts from the apple place- the first two were amazing and the 3rd one made me sick and not want to look at any more doughnuts again
dinner: I slept all day because of the fever and upset stomach and then I made soup using leftover chicken, frozen vegetables and chicken bouillon. it was good

breakfast: scrambled eggs, cucumber slices, an apple
lunch/dinner: eli's 1st birthday so I gave in to a lot of temptations... chips and dip, baked macaroni and cheese and cake and ice cream. but i also had a ton of veggies and some shredded beef

breakfast: scrambled eggs, herb turkey breast, an apple and glass of white grape juice
lunch:more homemade chicken and vegetable soup
dinner: beef, cilantro and onion tacos on corn tortillas.(are those allowed?)
spinach sauteed with almonds and onions
glass of apple cider


Beth said...

Supposed to be no corn. *shrug* Just so's you know.

Good to see you've still got soup, though! How are you feeling? Going to be making it in this week? said...

yeah i wasn't sure what corn qualified as and my boyfriend made me dinner so i couldn't really say no. i'm feeling much better just a bit sniffly, i don't think i've had this short of a cold in a long time, it usually turns into some awful sore throat or something. I made it in last night and I'm going to try for wed and thursday nights so hopefully i'll see you there!

Jennie Yundt said...

Corn = grains